Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that we get asked a lot.

About Convergence

Why did we build Convergence?

Because we think everyone should be able to build highly collaborative apps for their users without having to be experts in complex distributed concurrency control algorithms.

When will convergence be available?

We are working hard to polish the service. We want to ensure that the product is easy to use and rock solid before launching. We are currently executing a private beta while putting on the finishing touches. Within the next few months we anticipate launching a limited public beta program. We will keep you posted.

Can I participate in the private beta?

Most likely yes! If you are interested please request an invite at Be sure to write a few sentences about why you are interested in Convergence and what you are looking to build so we can prioritize your request.

Convergence Process

How much will it cost?

We aren't sure just yet. Part of our private beta is collecting data on the costs of scaling up. We know for sure that we will have a free plan that will allow users to experiment and get to know the product risk free.

How do I get started?

Start by signing up for account and following are getting started guide.