Mission Statement (Candidates)

Enabling developers to build the next generation of real-time, collaborative applications with the most advanced platform available anywhere.

Help developers create highly collaborative applications that draw users together and give them a sense of connectedness regardless of where in the world they are.
Bring people together through highly interactive and collaborative applications


The workplace is becoming increasingly decentralized. Over the past decade, telecommuters have increased four-fold [1] (http://www.gallup.com/poll/184649/telecommuting-work-climbs.aspx) in the United States. Workplace tools have not caught up because collaborative software is so difficult to create.

We'd here to change that. Never before has there been a development platform with a singular focus on true collaboration, enabling people to work together, simultaneously, on the same things.

Our mission is to enable the future tools of work. The opportunity is clear. We've done the hard part, now what will you create?


Companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and others are spending millions of dollars a year to build real time collaboration into their applications. Why? Because users love real time collaboration. They know, as we do, that real time collaboration is a killer feature that dramatically improve the users experience. As time goes on, users are just expecting real time collaboration, and applications that lack it are starting to look clunky and outdated.

But let's face it, building collaborative applications is not easy. Rich collaborative editing of arbitrary data structures requires sophisticated distributed concurrency control algorithms. Supporting effective communication and collaboration also requires many other features like messaging, chat, presence, collaboration awareness, permissions, and many other functions that app developers must build. All of these things distract developers from focusing on their specific application functionality.

So you know your users want real time collaboration but you don’t have ultimate cash to burn or an infinite timeline. Why should real time collaboration be limited to those that do? Convergence can add the killer features that will set our app apart from your competitors. Your business is in your DNA; real time collaboration is in ours. Build an app that your users will love. Let Convergence bring you users together.