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Convergence Labs

A full service web development agency
  • Full stack development in all popular languages and toolkits.
  • Decades of experience building collaborative and real time applications.
  • Recognized industry leaders in distributed systems and concurrency control.
  • Familiar with all major real time technologies (commercial and open source).
  • Creators of the Convergence Collaboration Platform.

Our Services

We Build Apps Your Users Will Love

Full Stack Development

Sure, we specialize in real time systems, but we can handle projects of any type. Whether you need backend cloud architecture, database design, API development, or frontend-heavy apps, we've got you covered.

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Collaborative UI / UX Design

Designing intuitive and enjoyable collaborative applications is no easy task. We combine cognitive science with decades of experience to develop highly effective apps that your users will love to use together.

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Real Time Data Architecture

Deciphering which real time technologies are right for your project can be daunting and choosing wrong can be costly. We can pick the right technologies and design reliable and scalable systems that just work.

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Our Formula for Success

Why our customers love working with us


We get to know you, your business, your goals, your customers and develop empathy for the problems you are trying to solve.



We emphasize high quality interactive designs. We know the designs are done when the users are begging for the app.



We deliver great apps based on a deep understanding of what drives your business and what excites your users.


Collaboration as a Service — Supercharge Your Real Time App
Convergence Overview

Everything you need in one API

Don't waste time and money trying to integrate multiple technologies. Convergence has everything you need to build a great collaborative experience. Convergence significantly accelerates the development of modern collaborative applications:

  • Fine-grained, live editing of shared data
  • See who is online and what they are doing
  • Shared cursors, pointers, and viewports
  • Flexible identity, authentication, and security
  • Coordinate through embedded messaging
  • History and playback of editing sessions
  • Zero setup required with an easy to use API

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Convergence API Documention 1.0

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How to Build Developer-Friendly UI Components

Over the latest decade or so, the majority of reusable UI components were built with solely the user in mind. But as users demand increasingly rich experiences, modern UI components will need to also consider extensibility and programmability. In this article we describe how to build developer-friendly UI components.
Guest post: Finding the only suitable realtime collaboration API

Guest post: Finding the only suitable realtime collaboration API

One of Convergence's early alpha users reports on navigating the realtime collaboration API landscape and choosing Convergence to build out a complex app.