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New Features: Authorization, model queries, and more featured image

New Features: Authorization, model queries, and more

We have been hard at work adding several major new features in the platform that have been keeping us busy 24×7. See what we have been up to.

Before you start building that MVP featured image

Before you start building that MVP

You’ve got a great idea for an app. You’ve even talked to dozens of potential customers about the idea. It’s time to build an MVP, and fast — but how?

The Next Killer Feature for Web Applications featured image

The Next Killer Feature for Web Applications

Every week we come across another new product with realtime collaboration at its core. Two weeks ago it was Airstory. Last week it was Dropbox Paper, and this week Invision’s Craft.

Redefining Realtime Collaboration featured image

Redefining Realtime Collaboration

Over the past few years, “collaboration” has become a buzzword, not just in the software industry but the business world at large. In this post we discuss our take on what this means in terms of an enhanced experience for application users.

Building Realtime Collaborative Applications featured image

Building Realtime Collaborative Applications

Over the last five years there’s been a huge amount of activity around developer tools for realtime applications. The tools for realtime collaborative editing, however, haven’t kept pace. We discuss what’s required to build an effective realtime collaborative application.

Collaboration as a Service featured image

Collaboration as a Service

Here at Convergence Labs, we throw around the term “Collaboration as a Service” quite a bit. So what do we mean by it?

Why we’re here featured image

Why we’re here

We hope developers will use Convergence to build the next generation of applications that inevitably support highly interactive, realtime collaboration, and we believe that if we are successful people’s lives will be better in ways we can’t yet imagine.

UtahJS Talk: Realtime Apps and Beyond featured image

UtahJS Talk: Realtime Apps and Beyond

Last week Alec LaLonde gave a talk at the November UtahJS meetup in Salt Lake City, UT. Realtime Apps and Beyond covered the past, present, and future of web applications with a focus on Realtime, and especially Collaborative, applications.

Alpha Product Launched featured image

Alpha Product Launched

We are excited to announce that our production servers are up and running. The team has spent the last few weeks ironing out the kinks, and we are now opening up the product to our first set of users.

Convergence Labs Official Launch

We are pleased to announce the official public launch of Convergence Labs, Inc.  Convergence Labs is singularly focused on building a revolutionary hosted, real-time collaboration platform that will change the way developers build and deliver real-time collaborative applications.