Convergence API Documention 1.0

Convergence API Documention 1.0

Find our API Documentation here:

Or, if you’re new to Convergence, start here:

A bit of history

We actually wanted to release API documentation before the developer guide, but the tools at the time weren’t quite up to par. The Javascript client is written in Typescript (which we highly recommend), and as a small startup, we didn’t have the bandwidth to roll our own documentation from scratch. But thanks to steady improvements in the TypeDoc project, we could generate docs from our source code with an acceptable level of quality.

Looking forward

We realize there is still a lot to do per the depth of documentation for our various classes and methods, as well as general organization. But, most importantly, you can now get answers to questions like what is the name of that event? and what methods are actually on that service? We’ll be fleshing out the documentation over the next few months: it’s thankless work, but somebody’s got to do it!

Enjoy, and thanks for bearing with us. Happy hacking!