We are excited to announce that our production servers are up and running. The team has spent the last few weeks ironing out the kinks, and we are now opening up the product to our first set of users. We have accumulated quite a few users who have been eagerly awaiting the product launch. Of first priority will be supporting those initial users who we have been working with for the past several months. However, we are interested in getting some fresh eyes on the product.

If you are interested in building highly interactive collaborative applications using Convergence, please request an invite to join the private alpha.  We expect that this alpha program will last until the end of the year; at which point we will incorporate the feedback we have received into the product.  We then plan on opening up the aperture to a wider Beta program. So if you don’t get an immediate invite into the Alpha program, you will automatically be first in line for Beta.

Over the next few months we will pick up steam until the General Availability in the Spring of 2017.  You will also see many more blog posts, examples, demos, documentation and more as we continue to build out. Many companies might have held back until all of this was ready, but at Convergence Labs we believe in putting yourself out there early and operating in plain sight.

Feel free to enroll in the alpha, look around, and contact us with any questions you have.

Alpha Product Launched