UtahJS Talk: Real Time Apps and Beyond

UtahJS Talk:  Real Time Apps and Beyond

Last week on Tuesday, November 15, 2016, Convergence Labs very own Alec LaLonde gave the featured presentation at the November UtahJS meetup in Salt Lake City, UT. The presentation entitled, “Realtime Apps and Beyond“, covered the past, present, and future of web applications with a focus on Realtime, and especially Collaborative, applications. The night was mostly focused on the state of the industry, modern users’ expectations, and the challenges today’s developers face when building highly interactive, collaborative apps.

We also had the opportunity to present the alpha version of Convergence to the crowd, including highlighting several of our demo apps. We let the crowd login to play with the demos in real time. They were a big hit, especially the diagram editor, where eight participants simultaneously edited destroyed a meticulously-crafted fire evacuation plan, guaranteeing disastrous results in the event of a fire.

The talk was well-attended at around 30. We received highly positive feedback and signed up several new alpha users on the spot.